5 Packing Tips When You Are Moving House

Moving House

Relocating is challenging for most people, especially for those who are moving for the first time. Packing is an essential part of a moving process. Homeowners need to pack all their stuff and move it to a new place in addition to other essential tasks involved in relocation. Packing the stuff takes time and requires some materials.

The safety of your stuff during the transportation and moving company process depends on the quality of packing. Professional Movers and Packers use high-quality materials for packing to keep your stuff safe during the move. Let us explore five packing tips you can use to move your House.

Use the right size of boxes

Homeowners pack large boxes with heavy items that are usually a common complaint among the movers. When you pack large boxes with heavy items, they become too heavy to handle and vulnerable to damage during transportation.

It is best to pack the heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. Pack the heavy items in small boxes so that the overall weight of the box should not be too heavy to handle. Pack the light items like pillows and linens in large boxes so that you can pack more of them in a single box without making it too heavy.

If you are packing some heavy and light items in the same box, make sure you place large items at the bottom of the box. Although experts don’t recommend packing them in the same box, if you want to do so, you should place heavy items at the bottom.

Use proper cushioning to pack fragile items

There is a variety of cushioning materials available for packing to protect your delicate items. You can use bubble sheets, cardboard, sponge, and many other materials to protect your delicate stuff from impacts. You can get the paper cushions from a paper factory and cardboard from a departmental store. Bubble sheets are available at all the stores that sell stationery items.

While packing the dishes, keep wrapping paper around each one and wrap five or six packs with more paper. Pack the dishes on the sides, and never flat in a box. Place the cups and bowls inside each other. Put the paper in between them, and wrap three or four in a package. Pack them all in the boxes of dishes.

Some items need special treatment

pack fragile items

Create a list of all the delicate and fragile items that require special treatment. Some items like TVs, artworks, and some pieces of furniture need special treatment for their safety during handling and transportation. LED and Plasma TVs need to be packed in special wooden crates even if you have the original cardboard box. It is best to offer additional protection with wooden crates. Even if you don’t have the original box, you can pack them with proper cushioning in wooden crates.

Similarly, the artworks and large items made of glass should be packed with special care in wooden crates with proper cushioning. You should not wrap the oil paintings in a newspaper or standard paper as it would stick to the oil paint. To pack the portraits with glass, use masking tape to create an X shape to hold the glass and frame together.

Label the boxes

Homeowners usually don’t know which items they may need before the moving day. Sometimes half or more of your stuff is packed, and you need something that is already packed. However, if the boxes are not marked, it becomes difficult to determine which box to open. Therefore, it becomes necessary to mark the boxes by writing the category of the items packed inside.

Knowing the category of the item you want, you can open the box packed with that category of items. You can also use color codes or stars on the boxes according to the weight of items packed inside. For example, mark one star for lighter boxes and five stars on the heavy boxes so that movers can handle them accordingly.

Mark the boxes by writing the name of the room to which it belongs and a brief description of things packed inside. Also, mark the boxes with numbers to know the sequence of packing for the move and unpacking after the move. Labeling the boxes helps you to unpack them in the right order while unpacking in your new home.

Pack an essentials box

There are many items that homeowners need during the move. It is not possible to pack these items until the moving day. For example, nightwear, footwear, cooking pans, dishes, glasses, toilet accessories, and many other things. Also, families require these things as soon as they reach their new House.

As a homeowner, you can make a list of all such items and pack them in a special box that you can open immediately after reaching your new home. This box is the last to pack before the move and the first to open after the move.

Another important thing to consider while packing is to declutter as you pack. As you sort out your stuff for packing, you will find some items that are outdated, and you don’t want to use. Place aside such items and sell or donate them as soon as possible. Packing for your move will also help you declutter and get rid of the items you don’t need.

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Final Words

These were some essential packing tips that homeowners can use to pack effectively for their move. In addition to these, it is also essential to use high-quality packing materials. They might be expensive, but they work well and keep your items safe while loading, unloading, handling the boxes, and transportation. Following these tips can help individuals and families to pack their stuff effectively and keep it safe during the move. moving company in pittsburgh pa

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