5 Most Popular Summer Salad in the UK?

Summer Salad

The mixture of raw or cooked vegetables, which are often served with oil, vinegar or seasonings is known as salad.  People like to serve different types of seasoned salads with meals or without meals. Salads contain fiber, phytonutrients, folic acid, calcium, and vitamins. Salads are helpful for preventing gaining extra weight and thwarts chronic diseases such as cancer, or diabetes. They are quite helpful in restoring the digestive health system, retaining healthy strong hairs and nails. If you are a lover of vegetable salads, then Portuguese salad would be a best fit for you. This flavoured citric salad contains a blend of lemon vinaigrette and green salad. Olives, bell pepper, onion, olive oil, garlic, vinegar, and lemon are its ingredients which are included in the Portuguese salad. 

Nowadays, it’s hard-to-find food which are favourable in maintaining mental and physical health, which are easily attained via rich amounts of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins present in salads.

5 Most Popular Summer Salad in the UK?

There are top 5 popular summer salads in the UK.

Olia Hercules (Buckwheat and smashed herb salad)

Following are the ingredients used in Olia Hercules salad. 


• Honey (1 tsp)

• Sea salt flakes

• Mild olive oil or rapeseed oil (2 tbsp)

• Fresh mint leaves (1 handful)

• Coriander, leaves and stalks (20g)

• Basil, leaves and stalks (20g)

• Tarragon, leaves only (10g)

• Garlic clove (1)

• Cider vinegar (2 tbsp)

• Buckwheat (or ready toasted, 200g raw)

• Radishes (50g)  

• Tender runner beans (200g)


Fry slowly and evenly. Chop reddish into two equal halves, add its fresh leaves. Boil the runner beans or simply use them in their raw form. Boil the salted water (400ml) for around 20 minutes, with the buckwheat till the water is soaked up. Put it in oil, after blitzing the sea salt (teaspoon), honey, vinegar, garlic, and herbs in it. Now serve in a serving bowl, all the ingredients need to be mixed well with buckwheat (drain it if all the water does not get absorbed. 

Meera Sodha Salad (fennel and apple chaat with caramelised almonds)

Following are the ingredients of Meera Sodha Salad.


• Honey (2 tbsp)

• Cucumber (½)

• Fennel seeds (1 tsp)

• Rapeseed oil (5 tbsp)

• Flaked almonds (100g)

• Ground ginger (1 tsp)

• Lemon (1), Lemon juice (plus 2 tbsp)

• Medium fennel bulbs (take 2)

• Braeburn apples (take 3)

• Fresh mint leaves (10g)

• teaspoons garam masala (1¼)


Take the fennel seeds and thump them till grounded. Stir fry almonds (for several minutes) in a heated frying pan, till they turn pale gold. Add a third of salt, honey, ginger, and grounded fennel, and fry until caramelised. Take a big bowl filled with cold water, cut and squeeze two halves of lemon juice into the water (to avoid apple discolouring). Add the thinly sliced apples to the bowl, then cut the cucumber by cooping out its seeds. Put the drained apple and fennel in a serving bowl with cucumber and mint. Now, put lemon juice, garam masala, salt (half teaspoon of salt), and mix three tablespoons for the dressing of salad. Now pour over the caramelised almonds before serving them. 

Eleonora Galasso (Stuffed conchiglioni on basil leaves)

Following are the ingredients of the Elenora Galasso salad. 


• Tomatoes (baby plum, 5)

• Avocado (1)

• Rinsed and salted capers (1 tbsp)

• Olive oil (extra virgin, 1 tsp)

• Olive oil (anchovy fillets, 3)

• Tinned tuna (in spring water, drained 350g)

• Dried oregano (1 tbsp)

• Breadcrumbs (2 tbsp)

• Garlic clove (1)

• Black olives (pitted, finely chopped, 100g)

• Celery stick (trimmed & chopped, 1)

• Red onion (finely chopped, 1)

• Basil leaves (1 large)

• Sage leaves (2)

• Salt & white pepper

• Conchiglioni pasta (400g)

• Parsley leaves (1 large handful)


Boil the tomatoes (for 1-2 minutes), drain and peel-off them, after chopping them into cubes (5mm) each. Fry anchovy fillets and cook tuna for (5 minutes). With 3 tablespoons of oil, add and stir, celery, onion, basil, sage, tomatoes, avocado, chopped capers, and olives. Add some salt for flavouring. Boil conchiglioni and drain out the rest of the water. Cook the garlic in the pan till it turns brown. Remove cooked garlic from pan, then add pasta and then coat it in garlic oil. Add chopped parsley, breadcrumbs, oregano and the whole capers, basil leaves and conchiglioni in a large dish. 

Salade glacée: Alexis Gauthier

Following are the ingredients of Salade glacée: Alexis Gauthier.


• Charentais melon (1, and make a 20mm ball)

• Cherry tomatoes (200g)

• Olive oil (100ml extra-virgin)

• Balsamic vinegar (4 tsp)

• Salt & black pepper

• Mint leaves (20 large)

• Wild rocket (200g)

• Lemon juice & slices

• Water (500ml)

• Caster sugar (150g)

• Fresh mint (5)


Add sprig mints into it and turn-off the heat. Pour syrup into a shallow tray and freeze it and remove mints from it. Break the ice crystals and again freeze them. Refrigerate the melon balls on the plate and freeze them. Now season with balsamic vinegar, oil with cherry tomatoes. 

Serve your salad on a large plate, put melon balls and half tomatoes around. Season with lemon juice on the salad. 

Gary Usher (Hispi cabbage, cashew and apricot with sesame and lime dressing) 

Following are the ingredients of the Hispi cabbage. 


• Limes (3)

• Maple syrup (3)

• Lemongrass (1 stick)

• Dark soy sauce (2)

• Sesame oil (2 tbsp)

• Cashew nuts (200g)

• Sunflower oil (1 tbsp)

• Sea salt (1 tsp)

• Apricot (6 ripe)

• Coriander (1 small bunch)

• Mint (1 bunch)

• Red chillies (for flavouring, 3)

• Hispi cabbage (2)

• Sea salt


Roast sunflower oil and sea salt for 8 minutes. Take lemongrass (for dressing) and chop It off. Take an apricot and cut it into 8th pieces. Slice the red chillies and mints, coriander. Slice cabbage leaves (0.5cm thick strips). Take a large bowl and serve with a pinch of salt and other seasonings (as per your preferences). 

Enjoy the most popular summer salad recipes with scrumptious seasonings!


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