5 Most Perfect Resorts For Staying In Chikmagalur

Perfect Resorts

Did you have to cancel your plans of visiting a foreign hill station due to budget deficiency? Well, Chikmagalur is a great alternative for you in such a scenario. The green hills of the Western Ghats never fail to impress visitors with their enchanting scenic beauty. Most travelers can’t imagine how beautiful an Indian hill station can be unless they don’t visit Chikmagalur. Also, there are some grand and luxurious resorts in Chikmagalur to make your holiday way more lucrative and relaxing. This article will highlight the best 5 options among all the deluxe resorts in Chikmagalur.

HoneydewwzExoticaa Hotel & Resort

This resort is the best option if you want your eyes to get refreshed with the addictive greenery of the forests of Chikmagalur. Being surrounded by forests and hills, this resort is the best place to have the amazing flavor of the hill station without going out. Also, the favorable location of the HoneydewwzExoticaa Hotel & Resort allows you to enjoy the closure to nature. Doesn’t it seem outstanding to wake up amidst the natural sounds of the forest? In addition to that, this resort has all the modern facilities that you may look for. A widespread area is there inside the resort premises and that is dedicated for outdoor activities. All the attractive locations are within walking distance of the resort. So, this resort must be your choice if you’re planning to stay in Chikmagalur. 

Trivik Hotels & Resorts

The lovely ambiance of the Trivik Hotels & Resorts will surely leave you spellbound. This is a premium resort to stay with your family and friends. From a private swimming pool to minibars, everything is included in the service list of this resort. Most importantly, the resort offers a clear and exotic view of the Western Ghats and you can enjoy the view from your bedroom. Apart from that, the complementary plantation tours offered by the resort are engaging and enjoyable, especially for kids. Also, you can go for safari tours in the forests of the mountain ranges. So, this resort is a complete package for you if you’re looking for an excellent place to stay in Chikmagalur. 

The Serai

This resort allows you to enjoy the pleasant climate of Chikamagalur to the fullest. Packed with a lot of features and services, this is one of the most affordable resorts across the city. However, the resort never compromises with the quality of services. You can enjoy the classic view of the mountain forests from your private balcony attached to your bedroom. Alongside, you can spend quality time with your family in the private swimming pools of the resort. A dedicated cafeteria, minibar, outdoor activities are other reasons to choose this excellent place. This is an ideal resort for your holiday plan if you’re taking your family and kids with you. 

Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort

Being located amidst a coffee estate, this resort is an amazing place to witness the real beauty of the mountain forests. The surrounding areas of these resorts are rural and that’s what makes this destination special. You can free up your mind from the chaos of the urban areas and have a relaxed holiday to refresh your mindset. All rooms and suites of this resort include floor-to-ceiling windows to escalate your amazement while staring at the green mountains for hours. Exclusive plantation views are available from the balconies of the resort and that’s a special feature you get in this resort only. 

Brindavan Homestay

Staying in this homestay will make you feel like you’re living in your home. Flexible policies of this homestay service improve the living experience of guests. As this homestay is located amidst the forest, you can enjoy having greenery all around along with luxurious amenities. From air-conditioned rooms to free Wi-fi, you get everything you want as you board this homestay for spending your holiday in Chikmagalur. 

These are the best lodging options that you can board if you’re planning to have a trip to Chikmagalur. All these resorts and homestays offer you closure to nature and can make your holiday memorable. So, choose any of these options and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. 


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