5 Hacks for a Warmer Home

Warmer Colors

Improving the heating of your home has many benefits from reducing your bills helping you enjoy living in it. A more heat-efficient home is essential in the cold, winter months so that you do not have to worry about staying warm. 

The Benefits of a Warmer Home

  • Reduce your heating bills 
  • Make your home more energy efficient
  • Lower your impact on the environment
  • A more comfortable and enjoyable home life 
  • A cozier environment 
  • Increase the value and marketability of your property 

5 Hacks for a Warmer Home

1. Use Thick Curtains 

Thick, fabric curtains can not only help your home to feel warmer, but also serve as good insulation for any room. Especially if you invest in thermal curtains; they can help to warm a room and protect the window area from drafts. Thick curtains can offer complete coverage for a window area in a way that thin or simple blinds cannot. 

2. Invest in Double Glazing

Double glazing (or even triple glazing) is a must if you would like an energy-efficient home. It will help to keep your home insulated, as well as reduce noise pollution. It can also be a great security feature for thicker glass and extra protection.

Double glazing is also great for adding value to your home if you are looking to sell anytime soon. 

3. Fix Any Cracks or Holes

Cracks and holes around windows and doors are not easily found, but they can cause havoc when letting in cold air. Check for any cracks or holes around your features which may be letting in cold drafts (and letting out heat). You can browse a selection of products that can help you to easily seal off any cracks or holes, such as fillers. 

4. Upgrade Your Doors 

Investing in a solid door is crucial for security, but it is also perfect for helping your home stay insulated. Older doors can risk gaps, cold drafts and even the potential for cold air to come through a traditional keyhole. A new front door is therefore never a wasted investment for heating your home and adding value. 

5. Reconsider Your Furniture Positioning 

If you always feel cold when you are sat on your couch, you may want to consider moving it. You can stay warmer by positioning yourself away from doors, stairways or any more open space in your room. Against a wall or closer to a radiator can be a great position for your seat.

You can also adjust other furniture in the room, too. Big, bulky items like bookcases or sideboards can help to close off more cold spaces and protect from drafts. 

Bonus Hack: Decorate in Warmer Colors 

This one really helps to have you feel relaxed and warmer in a room you are spending time in. Warm colors such as oranges, reds or any other deep colors can make your room feel cozier, especially with the right accessories. Colder colors like blues and greens can have the opposite effect, but it all depends how you choose to light your room and accessorize. 


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