5 Great Teens Earrings Ideas for Moms of Little Kids

earrings for teens

Teens are the most carefree and vulnerable part of our growing up years when experimenting is not a choice but mostly a passion. Teen during these years tries to establish their fashion statement and love flaunting their existence. From tattoos to new jewelry items, different teens have their set of preferences. 

If you are a teen in love with jewelry passionately and experimenting is the key to your existence, we will show you five earrings for teens that adds sense and meaning to your endeavours. 

Of course, why do we talk of earrings and do not propose other jewelry items? 

Since studies show women choose earrings every day but necklaces, fancy pendants are altered only once a week whereas rings are most often never changed by young people in a long while. 

Going by this interesting fact find, we will tell you to stick to changing your earrings daily. 

Outstanding teen earring ideas for moms of little kids

Here’s what we will suggest as options for teen earrings, and let them guide your choices.

1) Try zodiac sign teen earrings

Your zodiac is who you are! Always keep the sign close, and what way can be the best than using your zodiac sign as a pair of teen earrings. Even teen mothers of little kids can try them as these signs cannot prick or hurt your child in any way. 

2) Opt for your birth gemstone

Zodiac signs add to your personality, whereas birth gemstones add the much-needed sparkle you deserve. If your birth gemstone is a shiny piece, you are in luck, but even if your birthstone is not as shiny a piece, you can still love them. Trap them in a beautiful gorgeous kids earrings pair and never let them go. They will enhance your personality like no other jewelry piece.

3) Try a gem that matches your purpose

If you do not prefer sticking to a single pattern or gemstone, you can change your gem each day. Every day in the morning as you set your purpose, so can you set your earring pair. Try a different piece of earring for teens with a different purpose. Turquoise for peace, topaz for focus and concentration, pearls for candour, rose quartz for compassion, tiger eye for confidence, labradorite for spiritual growth and freedom; choose any.

4) Try ancient symbols of your choice

A Celtic or a pagan symbol can often walk a long way for you as a blessing that you need for the day. Celtic symbols have often stood the test of time, bringing the energy of powerful spirits along. A pentacle star, the tree of life, and others have helped build women’s thoughts, so why not use these symbols as your teen earrings. 

5) Go for abstract designs

Try the simpler route and work with the abstract designs if you want to make it different every day. Why not begin with bigger squares and rounder circles? They are meant for those abstract days when you are the one adding meaning to your life, and it is not the other way round. 

For teen earrings, you can even try some personalized pieces of items existing in pairs as earrings. If you are short of ideas, get some ideas from us and make some of your own.


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