5 Great Career Prospects in the UK

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If you’re soon to finish your education, or you are unhappy with your current job and would like to make a change, this is an exciting time to enter the career market. If you are going to dedicate your working time to something, it should be a field with a good future and as we move into a new dimension of digital development, here are a few career paths that might just be for you.

1. Personal Trainer – This is a life-changing move and all you need is a fit and healthy body and a desire to become a good trainer; the teaching academy will do the rest and with fully accredited certification, you can work anywhere in the world. Search with Google for ‘personal trainer certification in the UK’ and find out all about the online course, which means you can study from home. With certification, you can work at a gym, or go freelance and maybe see some of the world. Working out in a tropical paradise resort is well within your abilities and there is always a demand for qualified personal trainers.

2. Technical Logistics – Check out www.rhenus-hightech.co.uk, leading white glove logistics company that services all parts of the UK, who are always looking for people to train as white glove technicians and after 3-4 years of supervised hands-on experience and a little theory, you can get certification to install highly technical equipment; MRI scanners, touch-screen information boards, digital vending and gaming machines, ATMs and fitness equipment. If you are technically minded and love a challenge, technical logistics might be the perfect career; one with a very rosy future, as new and innovative tech arrives.

3. Social Work – If you are a people person, why not learn how to help those who really need it? Especially here in the UK and you can study online to become a social worker, while you can also obtain government support. The ideal path would be a BA with a major in social science, but even without a degree, you can enroll in online courses that lead to qualifications. Here are a few tips for online learning.

4. Digital Marketing – Search engine optimisation is huge and that doesn’t look like it will change in the near future. Every single business needs digital marketing, which means this is a very lucrative industry to get into and with a few years of training, you could become a qualified SEO technician. If you enjoy IT and are a competent computer user, this could be the perfect career for you.

5. Join the Military – There are amazing opportunities with the military and if you are young and fit, why not see if you can apply? It doesn’t matter what you are interested in, the military have openings and they will train you to a high level of proficiency.

Of course, Covid is still an issue here in the UK, so please check with the government regarding the latest news.


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