5 Excellent Reasons To Buy Omega Watches In 2020

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Morgan Stanley studied the Swiss watch industry in cooperation with Oliver Müller, founder of Swiss watch industry consultancy company LuxeConsult, published in 2019.

Their report highlights the outperformance of top-leading brands in the luxury sector and ranks the top 10 watch manufacturers by their estimated sales in 2018.

Omega significantly outshined the watch manufacturing as a whole, as well as its co-partners within the Swatch Group. Morgan Stanley Research estimates that Omega and Longines alone accounted for around 70% of operating profit in 2018.

From design to production to marketing to old-school precision, Omega Men Watches is just a spectacular brand in the luxury watchmaking. In addition, Omega is well-famed for its legacy watches including Globemaster, Constellation, Seamaster 300, Planet Ocean, and more.

The brand might be prevalent, but that doesn’t mean that you know everything about it. Let’s explore some facts that are rather less talked about.

Let’s unveil the five excellent reasons why you should invest in an Omega timepiece.



In 1848, Omega began its journey from a small workshop founded by Louis Brandt in Switzerland.

Since its inception, Omega manufactured state-of-the-art timepieces and when it comes to luxury watches; it outshines the industry with its cream of the crop watches.

From Seamaster 300 to Deep Black to Planet Ocean to SpeedMaster, to LadyMatic, to Tourbillion, Omega leaves no stone unturned to offer excellent timepieces of all the time.


It is no mystery; with some luxury watches, you can suppose to pay upward of tens of thousands of dollars per piece.

With the Omega, you can expect about half of that. Yeah! You heard it right.

Most Omega models soar around $5000, which makes it an affordable luxury watch, especially given the quality and notoriety of their timepieces.

If you are on a budget, there are always inexpensive choices. Find some room to work and consider an Omega. Without a doubt; Omega timepieces will survive the test of time, and serve you well.


Literally, Omega watches have made it to the ends of the Earth and beyond. You know what –Omega watch was the foremost timekeeper during one of the first expeditions to the South Pole in Antarctica.

The Seamaster product-line is well-known among divers and captains alike. In addition, Buzz Aldrin was wearing an Omega watch when he stepped out onto the surface of the moon.

When it comes to versatility, no one can surpass the excellence of Omega.

Not only an Omega watch be worn in the depths of the ocean and millions of miles away on the moon, but their versatile designs also make them wearable at the workplace, official events, parties, and more.


Besides, revolutionizing the way Swiss movements are put together offering quality timepieces.

Omega also made great steps for the watchmaking industry as a whole by finding a way to expand a watch’s resistance to strong magnetic fields.

It is no secret; magnetic fields can be harmful to your watch –slowing it and making it more and more imprecise by the passage of time.

Omega successfully developed a movement that didn’t include ferrous materials, results in watches that are not susceptible to magnetics.

Omega is a pioneer in the co-axial escapement movement, making the timepiece immune to magnetic waves.


In addition to the flare of having a luxury watch, the piece should serve a very essential purpose: keeping time accurately.

Omega watches have been tested rigorously and has recognized to be extremely accurate, breaking many records during testing.

Omega broke the record for precision timekeeping in Geneva Switzerland in 1950. These watches also placed first in all categories at the 1931 Geneva Observatory Trials.

With awards such as the ones mentioned above, it’s no surprise that Omega boasted the slogan “Exact time for life” soon after completing the trials. Almost 90 years later, and the quality stands true.


Without a doubt; Omega is a well-known Swiss watch producer –well respected within the extensive world of luxury timepieces. Their watches have been worn out by the royal family, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, and Al Pacino’s lead character in the hit films.  

So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself equipped with the finest Omega watch.


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