5 Essential Items to Buy from the Kerala Grocery Online Store

Kerala grocery

Kerala cuisine is incomplete without certain ingredients. To get the perfect naadan (local) touch, how could you not have the matta rice accompanied by fragrant sambar or meen (fish) curry alongside vegetables tempered to perfection with mustard and dried red chilies and the ubiquitous pappadam! During these times, when it may not be always possible to head out to your favorite Kerala grocery store, here are 5 essential items to order up from your Kerala grocery online UK.

Matta Rice

Light on the stomach, rich in fibre and micronutrients like magnesium, vitamins A and B and calcium, matta rice is the mainstay of any Kerala meal. When you buy matta rice online, make sure you look for the Kerala brands for the best quality of rice. Matta rice can be cooked in a pot on the stove, in an electric rice cooker and even a pressure cooker!

Pulses and dals

An average Indian household is incomplete without a whole host of pulses and dals. When it comes to Kerala cuisine, dals ranging from toor dal (for sambar) to urad dal (for making soft and fluffy idlis) are essential to have in the kitchen at all times. When you buy Kerala grocery online in the UK, make sure to add dals and pulses in your list.

Spices and masalas

Kerala being the spice king of the world, its cuisine is incomplete without a wide range of whole spices starting from mustard seeds to black pepper to coriander, to cinnamon to red chilies and more. If you need your kitchen to bring back Kerala fragrances, make sure your online grocery shopping includes the best sambar powder, rasam powder, kudampuli (kokum), spice mixes for fish curry, beef curry, egg curry and any number of mouthwatering dishes.


From fruits like raw mango to dates to lemon and lime to vegetables like ginger, garlic and shallots, pickles are an indispensable part of Kerala’s food culture. No meal is complete without a spoonful of achaar! For the meat lover, your Indian online grocery store is sure to have pickles of prawn, beef and fish. Don’t miss this essential part of a Kerala meal.

Instant mixes

Perfect solution for all Kerala food lovers who are pressed for time or don’t have access to the traditional utensils for making special occasion dishes like payasam and paalappam, or even daily breakfast dishes like puttu and dosa. If your online Kerala grocery store provides you with instant mixes ranging from idli/dosa mixes to paal ada to chukku (ginger) coffee blends, make sure to stock up on these essentials.

Whether you are an expat Malayalee or someone who loves Kerala cuisine, these 5 items are an essential buy from your Kerala grocery online shop in the UK. A perfect blend of health and taste, Kerala cuisine is popular among people across cultures. The next time you are buy Indian groceries online UK, don’t forget to add these five essential items to your online shopping cart!


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