5 Cars and SUVs That Are Perfect for City Dwellers

5 Cars and SUVs That Are Perfect for City Dwellers
There’s nothing like a powerful pickup truck when you live in the Lone Star state. However, many Texans don’t live in an area where they need such a robust vehicle. Even though Texas is known for liking bigger and better everything, 68% of residents drive a car or SUV, not a pickup truck.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t own a car or SUV that can’t take on harsh Texas roads and unpredictable obstacles. So, if a truck isn’t for you, check out these 5 Volkswagen vehicles that can seriously tow the mark and turn heads at the same time.

Many Texas Trucks Come With Extras

So many Texans drive so many trucks that many automobile manufacturers make special editions just for them. For instance, many trucks come with powered driver seats that can be adjusted several ways or heated and cooled leather-trimmed seats. However, hit the search button for “used cars near me,” and you’ll find many vehicles that offer the same features.

For example, the Atlas Cross Sport takes the stage with a fresh and ultra-modern look with on- and off-road features that can tackle any kind of element thrown at it. You can even add a heavy duty, custom-molded trunk liner that fits perfectly within the trunk of your Cross Sport. Don’t worry, you can still get heated seats, too.

Texans Like Trucks That Tow It All

When you live on a ranch or farm, you need all the towing capacity you can get. However, if you’re a quiet rural resident or a chic city dweller, you might just want a vehicle that makes towing supplies for your next improvement project a lot easier.

You can get incredible towing capacity and more when you drive a Volkswagen Tiguan. The 2020 Tiguan towing capacity reaches up to 1,500 pounds, and you can get extra interior cargo space when you fold down the back seats. This makes the Tiguan an ideal SUV for your next project or big adventure.

Trucks That Have the Power are a Texas Favorite

Of course, when you’re hitting the tough back roads of Texas and hauling heavy supplies, you need a truck with a ton of power. If you’re looking for used cars for sale in Houston, then a big, heavy truck isn’t necessary for a daily commute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a vehicle that packs a punch.

The Volkswagen Taos is an incredible SUV that’s versatile and powerful. Get behind the wheel of the Tao’s 158-horsepower turbocharged engine, and you’ll get where you need to go in no time. Top it all off with DSG automatic transmission that offers fast and smooth shifting, and the Taos is in a class all on its own.

Texas Loves a Truck With Style

When you see an enormous truck with shiny wheels and sparkling paint, you can’t help but take another look. While it’s great to have size and style, the urban streets of some of the bigger cities in Texas need a more compact car. Don’t sacrifice style for a more sensible vehicle, because you can get everything you need from a Volkswagen like the Jetta.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a classic for a reason. It offers a seamless mesh of style technology and fun. Plus, it’s compact, yet roomy, design allows you to navigate tight city turns with ease. Even more, you can purchase a Jetta with an 8-speed automatic transmission that makes this amazing car quick and spectacularly nimble.

In Texas, Trucks Need to Do It All

A Texan’s truck has its work cut out for it, because it needs to crush tough terrain, haul heavy loads, and look good while doing it. Don’t you wish there was a car that could do the same amount of work, just on a smaller scale? Then you need to search through used cars in Texas for a Volkswagen Golf.

People who drive a Golf get the ultimate combination of power and play. That’s because you get an incredible 184 lb-ft of torque and 147 horsepower with the 2020 Volkswagen Golf. Upgrade to the brand-new 2022 Golf R, and get a mind-blowing combo of 295 lb-ft of torque and 315 horsepower. All this comes with the signature Volkswagen style and sleek interior automotive technology.

The City Streets in Texas Work For Trucks – But They’re Made for Cars and SUVs

We’re not going to lie. It is a lot of fun to drive a truck, no matter where you live. They’re the only vehicle that can give you a taste of rural life when you’ve had too much of the city. However, sometimes they just aren’t practical for an urban or suburban lifestyle.

So when you are in the market for a new or used car, consider these Volkswagen vehicles that are more suited to city streets but still pack all the power you need to conquer the elements in Texas or anywhere else the road takes you.


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