5 Best Ways to Prepare for The PTE Exam


PTE Academic will open the gateway to some of the world’s best study and job opportunities. Once you pass this exam, you have the entire world to explore. There would be no dearth of growth prospects. But only if you pass the exam!

For this to happen, you need a reliable and viable strategy; a study plan; ways that work. Most of the test takers live in the impression that they speak English daily; hence, no special skill is required to mark a passing score. And this is where they do wrong.

Even if you use O-level English daily, the exam perspective is entirely different.     

1. Refer Official Course Book

You can’t goal until you don’t know where the goalpost is. Similarly, you can’t pass the PTE exam if you don’t know what the exam is all about and what its objectives are. So, before moving any further, you must spend time in understanding the exam format, its objectives, types of questions, and other related aspects.

For this, you can take the help of Pearson’s official PTE coursebook. This coursebook makes you aware of all the things that any PTE aspirant should know about PTE exam. By referring to this coursebook in the beginning, you will be able to know your goal in a better way and plan accordingly.

It talks about exam sections and question types in detail. How many sections are there? What kind of question types each does section contain? All this information will be on your fingertips.  Along with this, you’ll be able to gather information on test-timing, marking scheme, and section-wise scoring as well.

2. Take the Help of Practice Tests

PTE practice tests are your best friend when you want to score passing grades in the PTE Academics exam. If you’re a first-time test-taker then these PTE practice tests can be proved a real gamer changer as they contain real-time questions and detailed answers.

PTE Exam preparation would be more goals specific when practice tests are by your side. They are the ideal study resources that will help you to grab a better hold over the subject matter and polish your learning. Some of the leading platforms such as 79score.com offer free PTE mock test and section-wise practice tests. Both kinds are useful.  

How PTE mock test will help you:

• Become aware of the actual exam format
• Learn time management skills  
• Know your strengths and weaknesses
• Fabricate remedial solutions
• Get detailed performance analysis  

What else on earth can help you so extensively? Nothing.  So, you must get reliable and AI-driven PTE practice tests from a reliable platform and include them in your PTE exam journey. Use them after one week’s study and try to find out the areas of improvement.

3. Prepare a Study Schedule  

There are a lot of things that need your attention. Each section has different kinds of question types that need different strategies and tricks. Based on this, you must prepare a study schedule and stick to it by all means.

Try to distribute your available time as per your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you lack comprehensive skills then try to give more time to the essay writing section. Try to include at least two question types and two mock tests in each schedule.

4. Work On Your Grammar

Grammar is your best friend when you’re planning to pass the PTE test.  Try to improve it by enhancing your vocabulary, reading the newspaper or English audios regularly, referring a dictionary, and making flashcards of grammar rules.    

Most of the time, candidates score low because they are short of words & have made punctuation mistakes. Strengthening your grammar will not let this happen with you.

5. Implement What You Have Learned

Building up extensive vocabulary, learning new words, and reading content is not going to help you in full swing unless you’re implementing your learning in real-life. Yes, it’s important to implement learning in the real-world to reinforce it.

Try to use newly learned words in regular speech and speak English as much as you can. This way, you will be able to have a better hold over your learning.

Concluding Words

PTE Academics is your key to success. The ones who have cracked it can live their dreams. But, you need some of the tried and tested ways that will help you pass the PTE exam. We take a deep dig into this and came up with the top five ways. Try using these ways and success will be yours by all means. Additionally, you should always rely on the scored PTE mock test and PTE practice test section-wise to track your performance along your journey.

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