5 Best Puzzle Games App To Play In 2021

Puzzle Games

Of all the activities to keep our minds alert, puzzle games take the cake. They have a quirky way of always leaving us in suspense and wanting to find a lasting solution eventually.

Puzzle games are available on the digital platform for us to explore and enjoy. Aside from fun, they broaden our thinking capacities and make us have a broader perspective of the game in general.

The lessons we draw from puzzle games can also be applied to real life. Here are 5 of the best puzzle games you can try out in 2021.

1. Mini Metro

Right from the get-go, Mini Metro has its players on edge and triggers a healthy adrenaline rush. It may be highly addictive due to its legendary gaming features. What’s more, playing Mini Metro expands your intellectual aspects significantly.

It has a city highway setting complete with passengers and stations. Your task is to draw up lines that are supposed to join one station to another. Each of these stations appears with every move of connection that you make.

The excitement mounts up when your city grows and develops, adding more stations and roads. The passengers in your game are trying to get somewhere, and it’s your responsibility to ensure their safe arrival.

Another mind-boggling challenge is to always stay ahead of time. Passengers arriving late means you’ve lost the game and may want to restart and try again. The metro setting is also complete with a soundtrack that adds to the thrill.

The thrill and fun you get when playing this game are on another level. You could add to the elation by playing it in an actual metro setting.


2. New York Times’ Crossword

You can attribute its popularity to its well-placed convenience. Anyone can access it regardless of age or the devices they choose to use. That said, you don’t need to have a pen, pencil, or eraser close by to make your game more interesting.

The crossword puzzle is a sober and intellectual way to spend your free time, especially in public. However, to gain access to this timely and sophisticated crossword game, you must subscribe to the New York Times.

Subscribing helps you keep up with all the latest crossword games that may come up. What’s more, your subscription means you won’t need to pay a dime to play the game.

The crossword puzzle has its fair share of benefits for the average gamer. Everyone who tries it is assured of learning new words and finding answers for any crossword.

Solving the puzzles delivered to your puzzle gaming app gives you an understandable feeling of satisfaction. It’s one of the best ways to release tension that may build-up due to work-related stress.

Rather than remain stuck on the same level of solving a crossword puzzle, you can give the premium level a try. The New York Times gives you a whole week to try it and make a personal assessment.

The game creators are aware of how addictive it can be and have made the deliberate move to introduce other puzzle games. They come in varying sizes, including 5×5, mini, and even big puzzles for you to unravel.


3. 2048 Solitaire

Solitaire is a classic puzzle game that’s seen avid gamers through the best and worst of times. It has undergone a series of advancements, and its progress seems to be unstoppable and unmatched.

Twenty48 Solitaire is exceptional and stands out because it’s a merger between good old-fashioned Solitaire and 2048 puzzle game. Your knowledge of cards comes in handy since this is what the game is primarily about.

Gamers must be keen when setting up the cards available. Lack of strategy may see you trapped in between cards and unable to find a means of escape. This may mean a dead-end which forces you to cancel the game and start over.

Pay attention to the solutions you come across. For instance, there are piles of cards that you can use only twice to save a dire situation. Always trying to figure out where each card goes may be awesomely addictive.

You will find yourself not wanting to pause the game or put your phone down until the game is over. For beginners, you can watch a tutorial video online to learn the basic steps of the game.

4. Dissembler

As the name suggests, this puzzle game is all about dissembling tiles that are carefully laid out for you at the beginning of the game. Its colorful setting may trick you into believing that it’s meant for toddlers and younger kids.

Dissembler has different levels where you can only get to the next level after reaching a specific condition. Just like any other puzzle game, the beginning is quite rosy and straightforward.

As you soar up the ranks, it becomes more complex than when you first started. Your job is to ensure that you match up all the tiles available.


5. Hocus

This is the perfect puzzle game that stretches your intellectual levels. Here, you are given a chance to put your creativity to good use by coming up with other puzzles within the game.

Your task is to move a cube around a given shape without getting to the intersection.


Final Thoughts

This year, puzzle games are made available to you across various devices. Exploring each of the options opens up new opportunities to broaden your mind.

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