5 Apps That Are Secure and Sound from Scams and Frauds

5 Apps That Are Secure and Sound from Scams and Frauds

The internet landscape is full of threats. Mobile app scams and malware are on the rise too. Scammers are evolving to outsmart users, compelling you to share your data without even realizing it.

With the increase in the number of copycat apps, it is getting difficult to differentiate genuine apps from the fraudulent ones. Except for the big trusted names, how would a user know if a developer with few reviews is making useful apps or simply building tools for malware and hijacking your devices?

Moreover, it is also worthy to note that Appfigures, the market firm, states that these scam apps have deceived consumers for around $48 million. These figures clearly call for more vigilance from your side. For this purpose, let’s look into the ways that will help you spot a fake app and also some apps that are safe from scams and frauds so that there is minimum risk involved.

Ways to detect scams and fraudulent apps

  • Do comprehensive research on the app and the developer. Remember that a legitimate developer will have a website that displays the app. It will showcase any other apps made by the company.
  • Carefully analyze the AirG Review of the app. If the review of the app is short and concise, the chances are that it is a scam.
  • Notice the minute details, like if the images of the app look professional or not. Good design indicates a genuine app. Since scammers are in a hurry, they might not pay much attention to the images and font.
  • Check out the explanations of the app’s purpose. Legitimate app developers usually sketch out the complete instructions and features of the app.
  • One sign of fake apps is that they are replicas of popular apps. So thoroughly examine the name of the developer and match it with the app.
  • Note the number of reviews. Top-rated apps will have a huge number of reviews.

The top secure apps to stay protected

In the present era of connections via technology where your privacy and security are always at risk, the following apps are your safest bet:

  1. Telegram

Telegram is a secure app for messaging, allowing for heavily encrypted conversations. In cases where both the parties have Telegram, rest assured that the calls and group chats are protected via end-to-end encryption. The users have an option to destruct messages, files, attachments, photos, and videos after a certain amount of time of sending and receiving them.

With Telegram, you can also opt for secret chats from the app’s advanced settings. This option compels the app on the other side to delete the messages too. These kinds of chats are device-specific. This means that if your device is secure, your secret chats will be safe too.

  • PayPal

No security apps list is complete without the mention of the leading payment app, PayPal. The PayPal Mobile App allows you to send and receive money to and from other accounts of the app. Apart from being a foolproof platform, the app offers a user-friendly interface, and there are no charges for transferring money to your family and friends.

The app is backed with the best end-to-end encryption. You should also ensure to enable two-factor authentication. Along with this, it is recommended to delete any unused bank accounts or email addresses. Another noteworthy feature of PayPal is that it does not display any credit card or bank information to anyone. And if you use PayPal for online shopping, there is also PayPal Purchase Protection, offering you safety if there’s an issue with something you buy.

  • Wire

Another secure chat app that has made it to our list of secure apps is Wire. It sets end-to-end encryption as default to save your messages, photos, videos, and files. The app’s encryption works in the background and does not need to be started because it is always on.

Moreover, every message has a new encryption key. This reduces the impact of a single compromised key. Also, it is open-source, so its source code is readily available to the users for verification.  Wire is fully compliant with the data protection laws and is the most publicly audited communication software available on the market.

  • Cash App

Cash App allows users to quickly send and receive money to and from other people through their mobile devices. Along with mobile banking, the app has the option to purchase stock and Bitcoin through its platform. And this is not it. The company also allows you to file your taxes through the Cash App Taxes feature.

The best part about the app is that it uses cutting-edge encryption and fraud detection technology to ensure that the users’ money and data are safe. All submitted information is encrypted and sent to the app’s servers securely, irrespective of the nature of the Wi-Fi connection or data service.  The app gives you a login code when logging into your account, for security purposes. There are also optional settings to enable additional safety actions. You can enable a security lock to protect your payments through passcodes. In case your card gets lost or stolen, you can immediately disable your Cash Card to stay safe.

  • Threema

Threema is a private chat app with restraint on metadata. To ensure that no data is misused, the app’s servers delete a message permanently once delivered to the recipient. Threema makes use of the NaCl cryptography library for encryption. After the encryption keys are generated, they are safely stored on users’ devices to avoid backdoor access. By design, there is no reserve of decrypted connections, so except for the recipient, nobody can read a Threema message.

Additionally, the app does not require an email or phone number to sign up, which ensures another layer of security to save your data and information while you initiate long-lasting connections with people.

Parting thoughts

In the present technological era staying safe is the greatest challenge. The apps that are available for download are too tempting to resist, and so the users might land into installing an app that leads to scams and frauds.

Make sure to assess the app from all angles before you embark on the journey to get your favorite app. If you mistakenly put in any app that has no security practices in place and is fishy, then you might land into trouble. Take advantage of our list of secure apps and be sure that your data and information are safe. Still, you need to be cautious because nothing is guaranteed, and hackers are creating intelligent ways to intrude into your devices. Be alert and stay safe. Conquering the digital world is not an easy feat. But being vigilant is always healthy.

Do you also want to share your thoughts on secure apps with us? If yes, feel free to add the details in the comments section.


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