4 T-Shirt Printing Tips to Help You Avoid Mistakes

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T-shirts have been the permanent wardrobe staple since time immemorial and it is one apparel that has never lost its popularity across the age and gender.

Naturally, more and more entrepreneurs have now tried their hands in this industry and the competition is undoubtedly immense.

But in order to succeed in this domain there are a handful of rookie mistakes that should be avoided at any cost.

For every entrepreneur, saving money and time is absolutely necessary. Here are some tips to help you out. Take a look.

Mistake 1 – Going Ahead with the First T-shirt Printing Service You Get 

Once you are done with the general concept of the t-shirt and are prepared to go ahead with the design you have to find a t-shirt design site that can help you to design the t-shirt.

Now just like with any other product today, you must do your research prior to purchasing. The reputed custom t-shirt companies often offer special deals to attract designers. But they don’t offer flexibility at the time of designing.

So you should opt for the t-shirt printing platform that offers –

  • No stricture on number of custom t-shirts to be ordered
  • Multiple options for ordering the t-shirts 
  • Easy shipping

Certain printing companies also offer the customers with a t-shirt campaign opportunity for promoting and selling the t-shirts. This will permit you to focus on the goals better as you don’t have to think about the logistics and other details.

Mistake 2 – Using Low Quality Materials

If you want a good end result that is as beautiful as possible you should choose high-quality materials. The designing and printing business that you choose should use best quality in everything from the t-shirt products to the model of printers to the brand of ink — everything must of top-quality. The right printing business provides top-notch everything at affordable prices without costing you an arm and a leg. So do not compromise on your quality. This will make your customers come back to your store time and again and also make your hard-earned money worth every penny.

Mistake 3 – Not Sticking to Proper Element Density or Size

The very small texts, fine detail and very thin font is often challenging to discern on printed t-shirts. What can look good on the sharp mobile screens or paper piece can be impossible to be read on the t-shirts.

So you should ensure that the text height is 1/10ththe height of the actual area of design. You should use bold thick fonts for making the texts larger.

At the time of using shapes or artwork please ensure the stroke of any pen work is quite thick. Squint at your design on screen if you are not sure. If you can still make it out, it means that your design is well made.

Mistake 4 – Not Make the Right Contrast

This is one mistake that is made quite often at the time of designing or printing t-shirts. Even experienced people make this mistake and this makes your t-shirt design go haywire.

Don’t opt for dark shades in dark garments unless you are intentionally trying to make things challenging to see. Using brown text on the navy blue t-shirt is always quite problematic to read. Even if that looks on your screen.

If you are not sure, using the erstwhile white t background for your t-shirt is the best option. Only the lightest of lights will look great on white.

The primary shades also work well on white or black shirts. So you can try any combination of black, red, blue or white. They will all look great.

Now for achieving a desirable result with printing, it is a must that the t-shirts are designed well. For enabling more innovative designs and also giving your customers the freedom to make their own designs you should integrate your website with a quality t shirt design software. Such a feature will attract more conversions for your site and also help you get a sense about what your customers prefer so that you can cater to their needs better.


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