4 Reasons Renting a Phone May Be Better Than Buying One

4 Reasons Renting a Phone May Be Better Than Buying One

A smartphone is an indispensable handy piece of equipment used to receive calls and messages. With this device, you can do online banking, watch your favourite TV shows, and even place ticket reservations to watch a concert. Rent a phone online allows you to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology in smartphones without the high sticker price.

What you need to understand about smartphone leasing 

Renting a phone online can be compared to renting a car or a piece of real estate such as an apartment. First, you must sign a contract with a leasing company to use the smartphone of your choice. Usually, this agreement will come with upgrade options within a period. In return, you will be making payments following the terms and conditions of the contract. 

But bear in mind that leasing a smartphone is not the same as buying a phone under an equipment instalment plan or EIP. In an EIP, you will be purchasing a phone within a two-year contract through monthly instalments. Once you have completely paid off the phone’s value, you have complete ownership of it. But with the option to rent a phone online, you will be paying lower monthly rates than EIP, and you will never get to own the phone. 

1. Project-based tasks

Your job might require unique technology that is different from your current phone’s specifications. But if your project is short-term, it might not be practical to purchase a new phone to fulfil requirements on the job. A good option is to rent a mobile phone for a short period.

Getting a specific work phone for your job allows you to separate your work contacts from your personal contacts. 

Depending on your project or work, you may need cutting-edge features such as screen display or phone performance. 

Any required specification is at your fingertips when you select mobile phones for rent online.

2. Damaged phone

If your mobile phone suddenly gets damaged or stops working early in its lifespan, it can be difficult to keep working without one. Since it happened suddenly, you might not be ready to replace your phone. But not having a phone at hand is stressful and inconvenient since you need to communicate with colleagues and perform work-related tasks or leisure activities.

The option of renting a mobile phone will allow you to get a temporary phone while you’re still unable to purchase a new one. 

Therefore, you can continue enjoying a phone’s features without putting down a hefty amount for a new model.

3. Latest phones

You might be interested in getting one of the latest phone models but have difficulty deciding which one to get. 

Renting a mobile phone can help you arrive at a decision. Some companies provide you with the option to rent mobile phones for a short period. 

You have full access to the phone and can try out its features. By renting a phone first, you are protected from making a considerable investment in a phone model that may not suit your needs or preferences.

4. Travelling

When you travel overseas, it can be inconvenient to purchase a local SIM card to access the hotspots of local carriers. In many cases, your current phone is bound to a carrier agreement making it difficult for you to switch out your SIM card. 

To resolve this issue, you can rent a mobile phone during your stay abroad. It will also help you avoid charges from using your phone internationally.

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