4 Icons That Inspired Pop Culture Merchandise

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Audrey Hepburn’s sought-after gowns, necklaces, and sunglasses, as well as Madonna’s extravagant costume couture, underscore the reality that some celebrities and TV series eventually achieve cult status, inspiring thousands of fans along the way. In a world where a single viral video or a few million Instagram followers can make a person famous, what makes things iconic these days? Back in the day, how did celebrities become so influential without social media? Below we list a handful of icons that gained fame quickly, fame that’s still alive and well today.

1. Michael Jackson:

At the peak of his career, the mere sight of him could send girls weeping with hysteria. Some fainted when they saw him, and thousands of others waited for hours just to get a mere glimpse of him. He was named the “Most Famous Person On Earth”, and even today he’s considered by millions to be the most popular person to have ever lived. Black fedora hats, embellished apparel, letterman jackets, and several other pieces of merchandise are inspired by the King of Pop.

2. Friends:

It’s been 15 years since Friends last aired, yet the TV series still continues to be insanely popular. In fact, there’s nothing more nineties-related than a story about six friends trying to get by in New York City. How many times have you discussed which “Friends” character you are at a coffee shop with friends? Gen X can still relate to some of the issues raised in the series: paying rent and bills, working jobs, handling relationships, etc. Remember “We were on a break” or “It’s a moo point”? There are hundreds of funny t-shirts out there with Friends-inspired quotes on them.

3. Bill Murray:

If there’s one premier cultural icon in the internet era, it has to be Bill Murray! Don’t we love funny t-shirts with Bill Murray’s face on them? Bill Murray preaches everything Gen X loves: be yourself, live life one day at a time, and, most importantly, don’t be afraid to be who you are! He is one of the few unapologetically genuine people in Hollywood, and such is why so many people love him.

4. Game of Thrones:

A single Game of Thrones episode attracted no less than five million viewers. Besides the generous doses of sex and violence, there are other aspects that make the show very compelling. Great characters, both good and bad, are everywhere, and every character is completely relatable. There’s also lush imagery depicted in every season. Who could forget that Kingsroad was filmed in Northern Ireland? And who could forget that Kings Landing was filmed in Dubrovnik? It’s not just the locations, but the quotes are iconic too. Who could forget: “I drink and I know things” or “When you play a game of thrones you win or you die”? If you’re looking for women’s graphic t-shirts that are inspired by Arya Stark or Daenerys, visit the Chivery!

Who or what is your favorite icon? What icon-inspired merchandise have you purchased? Share your stories with us!

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