4 Different Myths Australians Need to Learn About Supplements

Myths Australians Need to Learn About Supplements

Australia currently has over 25.69 million residents gathered from a 2020 census, and two-thirds of the population was considered obese or unhealthy. And with only 2,800 dietitians, there are only several people that can help people change and live a healthy lifestyle. That is why Australians who are determined to live a healthier life would take it upon themselves and do everything independently.

Out of the many ways a person can become healthy, one is by purchasing Australian supplements and taking them every day. However, some Australians think that supplements are useless and only a waste of money. If you are one of the people who do not want to take supplements because of some myths you believe in, you should learn the truths behind them.

Myth #1. Taking more supplements is always better

You may have heard Australians stating that taking tons of supplements every day is the best way to gain its benefits. That could not be farther from the truth because taking anything more than the required amount is dangerous to the body. Medical experts worldwide will always tell you to never overdose on anything, especially with supplements.

Australians should know that most supplements should be taken with the right dosage, which is why people who want to take supplements need to consult a dietitian to ensure the doses they take are correct. Most of the time, the number of doses for each supplement will be written on the bottles, ensuring that you know how many you should take every day.

Myth #2. You only need to take supplements to become healthy

Another myth you might know about Australian supplements is that you only need supplements to keep your body healthy and nothing else. You have to know that supplements taken alone will never help your body become healthy because they are only supplementary. You have to pair them with other things, such as proper diet and exercise, to get the most out of it.

Medical experts in Australia say that you cannot use supplements to make up for a poor diet and prevent diseases because they are not enough. Before buying any supplements, make sure you know your body needs to achieve a healthier body.

Myth #3. You can take supplements on an empty stomach

Supplements are almost the same as other medications that Australian doctors prescribe to patients. That is why you should never take supplements on an empty stomach because it will most likely upset your stomach. Only a few people can take them without the need to eat a meal.

If you have a stomach that is sensitive to any food you eat, it would be best to always grab a meal before taking the supplements. You should also not overeat before taking the supplements because you might throw up, rendering the supplements useless.

Myth #4. You can mix different supplements in one

While all supplements are healthy for the body, you have to first consult with a food and health expert to take some supplements together. In some cases, Australians will not feel so well after mixing specific supplements because they do not react well with each other. It would be best to start with one supplement first and research other supplements that you can pair it with.

Supplements are essential things Australians need if they want to live a healthy life. And since you now have an idea about the several myths surrounding it, you should be able to take them without any worries.


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