4 Best Sub Rda For Flavor And Clouds

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Vaping is not only a practice but a definite trend in today’s time. As per current market reviews, the preferably healthier option compared to smoking cigarettes is coming up with amazing variations for enthusiasts in the market. A rebuildable dripping atomizer that is RDA is one of them. It not only provides you with maximum flavors but is also relatively cost-effective. A large percentage of people are showing interest in RDA as it offers options for customization. 

You can fiddle with many features in the modern market RDA models, such as setting your e-liquid storage capacities, vape intensity level control, and much more. So, below are the top five picks for this season’s Sub RDA for flavor and clouds.

Vaperz Cloud Asgard

This fantastic piece is one of the most popular ones in today’s market. It is known for manufacturing high-quality atomizers. Asgard is one of the ultimate arrivals in the collection. It comes with forty-eight airflow holes and large-sized build decks. The 30mm edition can fit perfectly in each dual-coil build that you put it in. It’s also available in various colors, including the famous edition of breast cancer awareness. 

If you’re interested, you can check out the choices for the RDA tank sale online. Advanced sub-ohm tanks models are available out there that shall let you cherish a rebuildable deck without the need to have a completely different atomizer. Some of these tanks also offer you the option to tank capacities and configure coils. What more do you need?

YachtVape Claymore RDA

YachtVape is famous for its delicious and comparatively strong flavor. It is an RDA with a single coil that can perfectly pair with both squonk and standard mods. This piece comes with top airflow holes and can get directly channeled right under the coil. No air is wasted that can interrupt or contaminate the clouds. 

The design of the airflow system is quite advanced if you compare it to the systems of the other RDA models available in the market. The dripping and squonking are also reasonably leak-proof. It is a compact and sleek RDA that comes with a slim atomizer chamber and can give you the happiness of a range of flavors. The deck also supports the installation of larger coils easily. The story of YachtVape does not end there, as you will find four lead slots to wrap the coil in any preferred direction.

Vape Vandy Requiem

The Vape Vandy Requiem is another ground-breaking option that you can get on your list. It comes with an advanced airflow mechanism, and the deck is perfectly portioned to support a single coil configuration. It also has a low chamber design and a profile post. Not only that, but you are also going to love the collaboration between the El Mono Vapeador and Vape Vandy, which have created a tiny flavor monster RDA. 

It has a wide airflow that can create huge clouds, and the advanced version of airflow lets air get channeled perfectly in two directions. The RDA also has three top caps that come within the package. 

AugVapeDruga 2 RDA and Passage RDA by Hellvape

This one is known for producing the ideal clouds, which is the real purpose of buying. This is one of the advanced versions of the original model of Druga. It offers you many options for personalized airflow and shut the top off entirely.

Featuring a significant build deck with several rooms for the wick and builds, it also provides gold plated posts terminals that boost conductivity. You can also take advantage of wire adjustment screws within the deck with a fine pin. 

Its dual baby coil is small and compact in design but has large wire holes rolling down the post terminals. This helps in the quick dropping of the coils. You can use both single and dual coil modes just as you like to enjoy the fantastic flavors. Also, if you have a flair for aesthetics, you must check out this model. 

On the other hand, Passage RDA by Hellvape is famous for its solid design and mechanism. It comes with a snag clap technology and high-quality steel with a fully gold plated deck. This sub-Rda surpasses the expectations of customers and buyers when it comes to aesthetics, as it looks cool. 

It has two posts, and inserting your coil will tighten the screw cap clamps that are knurled. This will help them stay intact in their position. Not only that, but it also features a highly flexible and smooth airflow technique onto the coil. If you love the massive emission of clouds, do check it out.

The Bottom Line

Investing in a rebuildable atomizer is an intelligent idea. Whether you got pre-manufactured coils installed and screwed up your coils, these coils can remain intact for almost three months. You need to give a little attention to the maintenance part. They can work well for you if you clean them properly and frequently from the juices and the residues. The wires or the spools used in them are also pretty cost-friendly. As per surveys, with the increase in smoking withdrawal, the demand for Sub RDA is also rising.

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