3 Ways On How You Can Upgrade Your Car Light Bulbs To LED Lights

LED lights for cars

Who doesn’t like change? You are right everyone does, and people often like to find the easiest way to fulfill their needs. This can also apply to someone looking to modify their car to look brand new without spending too much on it. So why wait even more? You can start replacing your outdated yellow light bulbs with LED bulbs to enhance the beauty and interior of your car.

You can replace several lights around your car with LED lights by yourself at home by following these three simple steps.

First Find The Type Of The Bulbs Needed:

The very first step that you can take is to find out the type of bulbs that are used in different parts of your car. The process of checking what you can do is as follows.

1. You can start by turning off the ignition and lights because they are hot to touch.

2. Next, you can simply pry off the plastic cover on the lights and then remove the bulb to inspect what type they are.

3. There are mostly two common types of bulbs, wedge style, and longer festoon bulbs.

4. Write down what type of bulbs you have on the headlights, brake or parking lights, etc

Get The LED Bulbs And Lights Replacement:

The internet has made it quite stress-free to search and buy the right type of product you are looking for. Therefore, to find out more about LED lights for cars, you can look up online and get the right LED bulb for your vehicle. Keep in mind that you need to look for a seller with good reviews, and the more LED’s there are on the bulbs, the brighter and nicer your car will look.

You can choose the right size of the LED bulb that will fit perfectly with the correct power, so it does work once you have bought it.

Now Replace The Old Bulbs And Lights:

Once you have bought your desired bulbs for your car, now comes the process of replacing them with the ones. The steps that you took to inspect the bulbs are pretty much the same as replacing them expect you have to slot the new LED bulb inside it.

One thing to remember is that LED bulbs only allow the current to flow in a single direction so plug them in straight away and if they don’t light up, pull them out, rotate the bulb, and fix it again. That will light up for you nicely.


Follow the same steps with any kind of lights you are fixing, whether headlights, fog lights, or indicator bulbs. Just be careful of the wiring so that you don’t mess anything up, and you will have to take your car to repair. You can change your car game in just a few simple ways and enjoy driving your vehicle with new brighter LED lights.

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