3 Ways Memes Have Shaped Our Culture

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If you spend any kind of time on the internet, and especially on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, memes are almost impossible to avoid. If you aren’t a member of this social media generation, navigating this new world of memes can seem pretty strange. What even is a meme anyway? 

Memes range from completely silly and nonsensical to politically or philosophically charged. Like it or not, memes have become an integral part of our media culture. Here, we’ll break down three of the most important ways memes have transformed our culture. 

1. They Make Commentary Accessible 

Anyone can share or learn how to make a meme with a little bit of internet access and creativity. With a basic letterhead template, any basic image can become a meme in a matter of minutes. 

A meme can also cover any subject. A meme could be a funny joke or it could be a political meme presenting a piece of commentary presented in an interesting and entertaining way. The most important thing about meme culture is accessibility – anyone has the power to put their opinions out into the world. 

2. They Spread Rapidly 

With the expansion of social media, memes are also highly shareable. Especially nowadays, anyone can become viral if the environment is right. There is no requirement for the creation of a meme – really, almost anything goes on the internet, for better or for worse. 

While it does take creativity to create a meme in the first place, once it is out there, a meme is very easy to edit or share. It takes little time and effort to share a Facebook post or retweet someone else’s tweet. It also takes very little effort to find a meme. 

3. They Can Be Helpful or Hurtful 

In many ways, memes can be a great way of dealing with difficult situations or discomfort with a sense of humor. While memes seem to have a sense of surrealness, they often deal with real-life situations and problems. Memes can help to build a sense of community and support when it can feel overwhelming to approach things on your own. 

However, not all memes are helpful and healthful. Memes can also be dangerous, either spreading hate speech, offensive content, or even misinformation. It’s important to exercise caution when approaching memes, and social media in general to avoid these kinds of traps. 

Navigating the World of Memes 

The world of memes can be a fascinating, entertaining, and even scary place. But it’s the world we live in! Learning how to use and understand memes on social media can help you to better navigate the world of internet culture and use it to your own advantage. 

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