3 Reasons You Should Unlock Your iPhone

unlock your iPhone

Unlocking your phone is now legal and allowed. In fact, we suggest that users should unlock their device. To the uninitiated, carrier locked phones are devices that have a software lock placed by manufacturers. This ensures that the phone cannot be used on any other network, except the operator’s network.  If you’re still unsure, here’s why we think you should unlock your iPhone:

• International roaming is easy and inexpensive:

Network carriers often sell high end phones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy at subsidized rates. Users have to commit to stay with the carrier for a minimum of two years, or until they pay for the phone in full. This isn’t typically a problem until you have to travel abroad. You may request for a temporary unlock, but there are several restrictions. For example, some service providers allow temporary unlock for not more than 3 times. But when you use an unlocked phone, all that you have to do is to replace your SIM card with a local SIM to enjoy services at a much cheaper rate.

• Unhappy with your service provider? Switch carriers!

Tired of dropped calls or poor customer service? The problem with SIM locked phones is that you have no option but to stay with the service provider even if you’re unhappy with their service. The most that you could do was to waste time on the phone trying to make a complaint. But with an unlocked phone, you do not have to worry about any of these issues. Unlock your iPhone and switch service providers easily and quickly. An unlocked iPhone gives you the freedom

• An unlocked phone has a better resale value:

Unlocked phones can be sold easily and quickly should you choose to replace it with a better model at a later date. You can also gift your old phone to someone who has a different network than yours. It is very difficult to gift a SIM locked phone without letting it affect any deal that the network provider has offered.

And if you’re wondering how to unlock your iPhone, it is easy and simple! You can call us or send us a message with your IMEI number and contact details. We’ll send you the unlock code within 24 hours. Replace the old SIM with the SIM card that you’d like to use and enter the unlock code when prompted. As simple as that!


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