3 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

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The Facebook ad offers you the biggest business opportunities. As per the study, around 96% of the ad agencies like Common Thread claim that Facebook provides a higher return on your investment. So, when you compare the Facebook ads with traditional advertising such as Radio, TV, and newspapers, it does not take very long to know why it is a very powerful marketing medium…

An ability to target the specific messages to the specific people (track all of them) is something that you do not get anywhere. 

1. Fastest way of reaching your users

With over 80 million business web pages, there‘s so much competition on Facebook. Their algorithm has changed last year, and it is tough to come into the user’s newsfeed. It might sound like the negative, however, the fact is, Facebook ads still are showing up in the right people’s feeds – and that is, ones that can engage with your online content. To reach a wider audience, businesses select to pay for the Facebook ads. Just by spending some extra money, you won’t just appear in higher feeds but can target the ads to the right people. Suppose your budget has got the room, then your spending will be worth it.

2. Get an edge over your competition

Facebook & social media advertising is still the new concept for a lot of business owners out there. Most business owners are stuck in the ways of advertising by using traditional media like TV, radio, and newspaper. Though each type of advertising & marketing has got it is own benefits and place, but there is not any doubt that Facebook is the best among all. Businesses that choose to give their Facebook ads one go may certainly gain the benefit over the competition, as the chances are, the competition does not know what this is all about.

3. Simple for your online audience to stay in touch

If your business’ posts or content on Facebook get the attention of the potential buyer, it’s simple to leave a few comments or questions and send a quick message on your business page. Most businesses can respond to the messages fast. 42% can do it within their first minute of getting the notification. Make sure all those with access to the Facebook business account know that the faster they react to the messages, the better it is for them. The overall reaction time will be posted on the page.

Final Words

Facebook helps to make communication with your users easy and simple, you aren’t restricted just to the images or video and character limits. Also, Facebook is about speed. Over 4 billion FB posts are shared each minute, and giving your content and ads a higher chance of getting shared & going viral than other social media networks. Where some other networks rise fast and drop off, but Facebook has got the staying power.

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