3 Clever Ideas to Promote Your Small Business

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Contrary to popular belief, branding does not have to cost a lot of money. With a little ingenuity and some experience, you can promote your business or brand effectively. If you are a small business owner aspiring to build a successful brand, here are a few clever ideas to help you:
1. Focus on Customer Service:
Companies that keep customers at the heart of their business are more likely to be successful. Plus, it always makes sense financially to retain an existing customer rather than spending money acquiring new ones. Customer experience is still an unexplored aspect. Did you know, while 80% of businesses believe they deliver a super experience, only 8% of their customers agree? You can improve the customer’s experience by opening up multiple channels for communication. Allowing customers to connect you via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or even Instagram, could help you connect with a larger audience than just reaching you through email, fax, or an in-person visit. Whether you are a brick and mortar business or a web-based company, ensure excellent customer service by promoting self-service and easily accessible communication. 
2. Use Promotional Products:
A recent survey by the British Promotional Merchandise Association found a positive correlation between using promotional products and improving brand recognition. Around 66% of the members interviewed could recall the brand of the promotional product even 12 months after they received it. Around 79% are happy to do business with the company. Look for products that are low-cost for your business yet very useful for the customer. For example, customkey tagscan not only be used to keep keys safe but also used as gift cards and access cards. Lanyards are also effective as promotional products. With a custom lanyard, you can add your business logo or brand name. USB drives are another effective promotional product that can be very useful to the customer. 

3. Protect Your Business’s Future:
All companies, despite the scale of their business, aspire to be better. You want to survive technology updates and market changes. Think about Apple as an example. They have built a reputation around brand innovation. To service in today’s market, think about face-to-face communication, real-time messaging, using AI to be there for your customers when employees are asleep, and improving self-service options. Always remember, when implementing new ideas and technology, invest in training employees and attracting the new ones. 

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