17 Kitchen and Cabinet Color Ideas For A Touch Of Class

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Adding color to the kitchen, not just the walls but also the cabinets and counters, is the most acceptable way to freshen things up. There is a selection of lovely paint colors to help you get started, whether you prefer greige or a burst of something vivid. Bright blues and reds can brighten your cabinets, while a relaxing grey or green will anchor a considerable room. We’ve got new kitchen paint color ideas for whatever color preference—or if you’re entirely stymied for suggestions.

Adding color to your kitchen decor may radically improve the vibe of your cooking room. Splashes of red may be dramatic, a dash of yellow can be energizing, and green can represent freshness and harmony. There are a lot of creative ideas you can do to add in a touch of class; below are some of the colors that would help guide you with your colors.

The perfect color

A new kitchen’s longevity is important, so be sure the kitchen color ideas you choose are types you’ll enjoy living with for many years. If you’re concerned about your kitchen becoming outdated, rich blues, greens, and greys are always a fantastic choice. If you wish to update your scheme in the future, wood cabinets can easily be repainted. Choose a color for your cabinets and add one or two accessories to create a classy design.

One of the best things about adding color to a kitchen is going all out or simply adding a bit of it. If you have a neutral kitchen and are unsure what colors to use, take a look around your house or even your closet for ideas. Most of the time, you will be surrounded by colors you like, so carrying those colors into the kitchen is fantastic. Making a choice on which colors to use in the kitchen is never easy, especially when there are so many alternatives for the color of the walls and the cabinets.

Lighter paint colors are ideal for harmonizing tones and generating contrast in the kitchen. A multicolored kitchen island is one of the most popular options. Using a single hue across the room provides tranquillity and may be equally as relaxing as soothing neutrals while also making the space appear larger.

Emerald Green

When used to its most remarkable capacity, green is a timeless tint and the color we identify with the natural world, injecting fresh life into every area in the house.

Although a green kitchen may appear frightening, the adaptable color is ideal for the busiest area in the house. A dark green kitchen gives open plan areas a dramatic sense.

Sage Green

While jewel-like green kitchen walls give a bit of elegance when coupled with old brass knobs, a sage green kitchen may add color while keeping design ideas neutral.

It offers a sleek twist to the color when paired with smooth charcoal on the floor and in the dining area. If you want to throw in a splash of color, a dash of terracotta can give you a Moroccan holiday mood.

Mint Green

Mint green adds a spark to a kitchen environment by being invigorating, lively, and fresh. The energizing color is well complemented by wood surfaces, complementing tiling, and floating open shelves.

When combined with white cabinetry, mint green kitchens create a sense of freshness.

Bold White

Clean white can quickly liven up a room when matched with blond wood finishes and brass accessories. If white seems too sterile, don’t worry; there are various tones of this traditional kitchen color and many ways to liven it up — you can find a lot of white kitchen ideas.

Bronze and Teal

This intriguing and earthy blend is perfect for folks who wish to stand out. The bronze adds warmth to the design, making it suitable for both north and south-facing spaces. However, we wouldn’t recommend attempting to recreate this effect in a darkened space.

Pale, sandy floor tiles reflect light well and contrast nicely with the deeper tones.

Baby Blue

Baby blue is a soft, pleasant, and peaceful color that works well in both small and big kitchens. Choosing such a vibrant color may seem intimidating, but you don’t have to paint your entire kitchen in it to make a statement.

If you just have a slight amount of space, choose an accent color for a corner or choose cabinets in the shade for the island.

Dark Blue

There’s nothing like a dark blue for a timeless style. Dark blue may operate as a neutral, complementing a wide range of colors and materials and allowing for endless creative options.

Darker cabinetry, fluted glass, and dramatic walls that merge in are all good ideas.

Brass and Navy

Is a blue and white combination too nautical for you, or do you prefer dark blue? A deep navy blue is a richer tone that you might like.

This deep hue will make your area seem cozy and refined. Gold accents, brass hardware, copper cookware, flashes of yellow, white marble, exposed brick, dramatic patterns, and more may all be used to significant effect.

Charcoal Grey

Play with a more somber palette in the shape of a dark grey charcoal shade if you want to get on the safer side color-wise but yet want to make a statement.

Dark grey, whether matte or glossy, will appear really elegant. Light worktops and wall cabinets can help keep the area feeling airy, or a light backsplash can help break it up.

Yellow and Grey

If dark grey is too dark, choose a calm and relaxing soft grey for the cabinets and maintain the dark grey for the kitchen cabinet.

This minimalist kitchen incorporates rattan, yellow statement lighting, and a marble backsplash to maintain the design fresh, modern, and exciting.


Do you like beige and grey but can’t pick between the two? Greige has arrived. With the warmth of beige and the neutrality of grey, this is a happy medium.

Combining dark wood, brass statement lighting, a marble with matching hue veins, and a light wood floor for a luxurious aesthetic.

Neutrals and Yellow

Do you like beige and grey but can’t pick between the two? Greige has arrived. With the warmth of beige and the neutrality of grey, this is a happy medium.

Combining dark wood, brass statement lighting, a marble with matching hue veins, and a light wood floor for a luxurious aesthetic.


Red is one of the most striking color schemes, and when utilized in the kitchen, it produces a warm, welcome atmosphere. It may not work in other spaces, such as a bedroom, but it looks fantastic in a kitchen, particularly when matched with wood.

If the thought of vivid crimson cabinets makes you cringe, choose an aubergine tint for a more refined effect, or add a flash of red to your plan with a patterned backsplash or statement lighting.


Cabinet finishes in gloss and matte black are highly contemporary, yet black works well with both shaker and modern designs.

Add bright white accents to worktops and wall cabinets to get the ideal mix of light and dark in a kitchen, whether it’s large or tiny. Matte black cabinetry with gold accents is our absolute favorite.

Blue Grey

If you don’t believe bright, vibrant colors will work in your kitchen, go for darker, more subdued shades. Dark, moody spaces continue to captivate us.

Dark hues in the kitchen and living areas are no longer associated with gloom and despair. A room’s vibe is totally altered by color. When combined with striking metallic ironmongery and well-placed lighting, darker tones lend a sense of refinement and drama to the area.

Blue and Yellow

In tiny rooms, we tend to play things safe – after all, all-white everything will make the space appear larger, right? Wrong! Even in a tiny kitchen, just look at this beautiful blue kitchen with its subtle yellow contrast. The area is still bright and airy, but it has individuality.

Note the lack of wall cabinets; this helps to make a tiny kitchen appear more prominent, so if you can afford it, stick to only floor cabinets.

Pink and Green

Is there anything more romantic than soft pink and sage green? There are a lot of companies for house and kitchen painting in Toronto. You can paint your kitchen cabinets and walls, but consider incorporating these two tones in a more minor, more manageable way if your kitchen is already fairly neutral. To get a similar appearance with minimal work, paint a pink main wall and hunt for sage green accessories and kitchen storage.

Pink is a warm and lively hue that works well in the kitchen. It may be toned down and balanced with subdued wood elements, mixed with black or grey for an industrial sense, or paired with opposing, colorful colors for a vibrant and dynamic design.

Final Thoughts

The perfect kitchen colors are entirely dependent on your own preferences. Classic hues like blue, green, and grey are always safe bets, but if you want to go bolder, purchase plenty of swatches and samples, and maybe even try painting a wall in your probable selections to see whether it’s livable in the long run.

The kitchen is an excellent place to try out new colors on a large or small scale. When choosing a cabinetry color, remember to consider your area first – dazzling white, soft cream or warm taupe cabinets will assist give the appearance of a larger space in a more confined room.

People appear to be more daring than they used to be when it comes to cabinetry colors. The popular colors tend to be blue and green, especially when paired with warmer taupe tones, moving away from cold grey.

I hope that the colors mentioned above did guide you or gave you an idea about the color of your kitchen or kitchen cabinet that would make your area look classier.


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