10 Popular Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Give Your Home A New Touch


Contractors and homeowners agree that the kitchen is the most crucial room in your house to renovate. This is because kitchen remodeling often increases the value of your home, and it is also the most frequently used space in a family. The remodeled kitchen now serves as a gathering place for the entire family and their guests.

This post explains how a kitchen redesign may help you get the most out of your space. Putting your faith in a respected contractor to turn your dream kitchen into reality is critical since you will be working together to bring your vision to fruition.

There are numerous things that homeowners wish they could change about their kitchens. Pagenstecher Group home renovation professionals will assist you in designing the kitchen of your dreams. Even though remodeling a kitchen may seem like a daunting task, there are several benefits to doing so.

Importance of Remodeling of kitchens:

Reduce Your Energy Use. Replace old and out-of-date appliances with new, more energy-efficient models when you redesign your kitchen. Several modern machines are designed to save you money while still providing you with excellent possible performance.

Enhance the Value of Your House. A potential person who will wish to buy the house will be turned off by a dated kitchen’s bad layout or obsolete appliances. Your home’s worth will rise if you upgrade your kitchen to a more contemporary style.

Streamline the Process. With the aid of a remodeling contractor, you can transform your house into a space that perfectly suits your needs. This means that you won’t be forced to put up with a kitchen layout that is inconvenient for food preparation when you remodel your kitchen.

Expand Your Storage Capacity. It is not so hard to increase the amount of storage and cabinet space in your kitchen by redesigning it. Create additional counter space with a kitchen island and more cabinets to make the most available vertical storage.

Boost Security. Using old appliances might be dangerous. Older units’ wiring and electrical systems can’t keep up with today’s energy grid’s higher output. Today’s devices are designed to manage more significant amounts of power without compromising their safety.

1. Glazed Tile Backsplash

Tiled kitchen backsplashes are nothing new, but there will be a trend away from matt finishes and toward gloss finishes. In addition to being simple to clean, glazed tiles reflect light around a space, regardless of the hue, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Natalia Miyar, an interior designer based in Florence, Italy, has commissioned the creation of these beautiful green kitchen tiles. For example, when they’re placed beside rustic wood and marble work surfaces, they create a stunning contrast with the earthy colors and give new layers of texture to the environment.” Saturated shades aren’t necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Zelliges will also continue to be a popular option. Tiles handcrafted in Morocco with uneven surfaces and various colors add a sense of artisanal character to a design.

2. Mixing Old And New Styles

Introducing antique or vintage furniture into a kitchen immediately creates a warm, lived-in home ambiance, which is the goal of future kitchen trends. An old-fashioned farm table or dresser is the natural option for a classic appearance in a retro kitchen. Antiques are timeless, constructed to last, and can be found at vintage markets for a fraction of the cost of new furnishings.

It was the work of Ben Pentreath, a contemporary Welsh farmhouse kitchen designer. Massive larder storage, open shelves, a butler’s sink, Delft tiles, period-style lighting, and old furniture provide a timeless ambiance that is ideally in line with the home’s architectural character.

Refacing kitchen cabinets doors is a very good thing to do to make your kitchen look astonishing. This is the most trendy thing you can do to make your kitchen look beautiful. Many online businesses are here to help you with the installation or remodeling. 

3. Partitions made with glass:

From a few years back, we’ve learned to enjoy the benefits of being able to lock the door and shut off the rest of the house’s noises. It is possible to divide a room without sacrificing light or the sense of community by using a glass divider. It also helps to keep the kitchen odors under control.

Co-founder of Ham Interiors Thomas Cox restored a wall between his kitchen and living room with a Georgian shopfront salvaged from the street. Because they define space while giving the appearance of openness, he says, glazed barriers are a popular choice. “If the kitchen layout does not permit for a full glass wall, an architecturally interesting glass panel can be used as an architectural backdrop for a piece of furniture.”

4. Enough Space between Cabinets

Ensure there’s enough space between the cabinets and the island in your kitchen layout for everyone to get around without stumbling. An ideal kitchen walkway should measure at least 36 inches in width. Ideally, the cooking zone should include 42-inch-wide aisles for one cook and 48-inch-wide aisles for a two-cooker setup. Adjust kitchen features and coastlines to suit your needs while drawing out a floor design.

5. Lightning of Kitchen:

Good lights in a kitchen are always a challenge, but layering will be crucial to building kitchens in the future. The reality is to only need a set quantity of job lighting in certain preparation areas; if you have too many downlighters, the kitchen ceiling looks more like a runway.

New York City-based Known for his tasteful interiors, Steven Gambrel Inc. He’s a master at understanding how kitchen lighting, kitchen layout, and kitchen functioning create a feeling of place in a room because he was schooled as an architect.

He has created a lighting feature by introducing two sets of striking pendants in this family kitchen in East Hampton, Long Island. When designing a large, open-plan kitchen area, it’s a good idea to choose two styles that are both unique and distinct.

6. Draw up a detailed floorplan:

A floor plan may now be drawn up when you’ve completed your list. If you’re planning to redesign a kitchen, you need to know how much room you have available. Scale drawings of your kitchen’s floor plan should be drawn out by a kitchen fire, an architect, or an architectural technologist.

You are drawing a floor layout by hand. To ensure the best possible flow between your kitchen, outside area, and the rest of your home, mark the precise placement (to scale) of interior and exterior doors and windows. If you’re building an open-plan kitchen, for example, you’ll need to account for zones.

You are preparing the layout of the kitchen. Do you have any suggestions? Paper cutouts of actual appliances and cabinets were used. If it doesn’t work, use a pencil and an eraser to get the job done. 

7. Focus on the colors:

So much activity in kitchens might lead to visual over-exhaustion. Colors should be kept basic, and the walls should be left naked if you’re going for a more restrained design.

Instead of using wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, General Assembly employed a single shelf in this design for a house in Hudson, New York. The result is a calm and uncluttered aesthetic.

According to Colin Stief, the full-height pantry and the refrigerator were combined to remove the above storage. In place of cabinets, the shelf creates a visual contrast in the monochromatic concept by marking the end of the concrete splashback.

When it comes to open kitchen storage, a well-curated display is always required. Some designers choose to utilize a single open shelf for artwork rather than kitchenware to enhance a room.

8. Use Natural Elements:

Natural materials, such as marble, granite, and unfinished wood kitchen cabinets, have been increasingly popular since the outbreak of the epidemic. From California, decorator Ohara Davies-Gaetano of ODG Interiors shows how materials can give warmth and depth to a kitchen with this stunning design. Cerused oak is a highly durable and beautiful material for the cabinets, she explains.

Timber enhances the limestone’s depth, and I’m enamored with it. They add another dimension to the entire design, and their scale provides a terrific sense of balance. The inclusion of the floating wood shelves allowed for moments of curation due to the space’s tonal materiality.

9. Concealed Kitchens:

For those who want to live in a smaller home, there are a growing number of kitchen designs that make use of the extra space available. This stylish open-plan concept hides the kitchen like a chameleon, allowing you to put all of your attention on your guests instead of cooking.

Make the most of the available space by combining the activities of cooking, dining, and lounging in a single, well-lit room. A small and uninviting kitchen was replaced with a large living area, with the kitchen discretely located at one end.

The design is adaptable, allowing it to function as a kitchen, dining room, and living room all at once. Door panels that mimic ornamental wall finishings hide the cooking area to the greatest extent feasible. All of the doors include fingerprint sensors to make opening and closing them effortless.

10. Use materials in Surprising ways:

Something is liberating about having a kitchen that doesn’t feel like a “packaged” one. For example, if you must use the same cabinets and appliances in your home, consider incorporating unique components from other sources. With a rustic shelf displaying pottery and a slim geometric brass backsplash behind, this sink area creates an exciting vignette and wall art for the kitchen’s sink area.

Final thoughts:

So these are all the ideas that we had to help you remodel your kitchens. These are the best ways to redesign your kitchens to give them a classy look. If you have any ideas on how people can remodel their kitchens or any idea you implemented in your kitchen remodeling, do not forget to tell us in the comments below, we love to hear from you.


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